I was at Floyd’s Barbershop for a haircut. My stylist Dawn greeted me and during the haircut I learned that she has worked with the company for 11 years. I asked “What do you like about working here?
Dawn: “Every day when I come to work, I get a chance to make people in Denver Colorado BEAUTIFUL.”
I was not sure what she meant and wanted to know more, “Make Denver Beautiful?”
Dawn: “Yes, every person leaves my chair FEELING CONFIDENT AND BEAUTIFUL.”

Wow. I realized how lucky I was to get a haircut from Dawn. She was not just cutting my hair. She had a vision of what I would feel when I left which gave her a clear purpose; something most business service providers do not have.

Just like Starbucks offers more than just a coffee, it offers a well-deserved break experience and Disney is not just theme park, it also leaves guests with a lifetime of memories; the same way Dawn at Floyd’s is not just a hair stylist. She elevated a haircut from just a service to an experience that touches the heart of every customer every time.


The Secret To Getting To A Deeper Customer Connection

Often brands focus only on the product or service they offer, and then try to be efficient in delivering it to their customers.  In the process they become a utility provider without connecting to any customer feelings. It is risky positioning for brands as a utility provider can be easily replaced by a better product or service, as customers do not have a deep connection with the brand.

For brands to achieve the connection, which I felt during haircut from Dawn at Floyd’s, they must identify their purpose as a value-add, to build a lasting connection with their customers. The lasting connection starts with KNOWING their customers, their lives and preferences, and how the brand can make the customers life better. Brands must have a clear picture of what every customer feels when they leave the brand; a feeling that is special and one the customers experience only with that brand.

That special feeling creates a long-term connection with the brand that is the first step to repeat visits, increased loyalty and eventual positive buzz, word of mouth.

Denver Colorado surely did not need another haircut place, but it surely needs Dawn at Floyd’s to make people in Denver feel beautiful, one person at a time.


3 Steps To Get To A Deeper Customer Connection:
  1. Go beyond the product and service
  2. Find the role your brand can play in the customer’s life
  3. Have clarity on what every customer feels when they leave


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