Keynote & Virtual Presentation Topics


A CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE PRESENTATION PERFECT FOR: Marketing and branding team, other corporate team members, business leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, franchise organizations and everyone who impacts customer/client experience.

Based on Arjun’s bestselling books Customer Karma® and Wow 1 More®.

Growing up, Arjun’s grandma always told him, “Do good Karma”. She defined Karma as putting in one’s best purposeful effort without any expectations. This has been Arjun’s foundation over 30 years to help brands worldwide like Coca-Cola, Chipotle, Chili’s, DISH Network, Papa John’s, Paytronix, Top Golf, and Walgreens connect to the hearts of customers.

Arjun will take the audience through real-life, real-impact situations that is built around:

  • Start with the four-step process: BE-THINK-FEEL-ACT like your customers.
  • Ask the audience: “What is your Customer Karma?” and “What is stopping you from achieving it?“
  • Show ways to overcome challenges and inspire the audience to win big with their Customer Karma.
  • Finally, how the path to long-term customer connections starts with Wow-1-More, with a focus on one customer at a time.

This fun and engaging journey filled with real-life experiences, tailored for the audience, will leave them with excitement and easy-to-act ideas.


BUSINESS LEADERSHIP PRESENTATION PERFECT FOR: Corporate team members, business leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, franchise organizations and everyone who impacts customer/client experience.

Winning is fun but Winning Big gets you sustained success. Be inspired about Winning Big with real-life stories of Big Wins at the highest level from Arjun Sen’s real-world marketing, operations, and leadership experience with Fortune 500, start-ups, and emerging companies. Experience broad, unique & action-oriented perspective and understanding that will put you on the path to achieve the highest level of success.

Arjun will share why he believes that every business has a path to Billion Dollars and each business can achieve that by focusing on:

  • Big Clear Goal: Ideally every business must have one clear goal that is visible from every corner of the company that drives us all.
  • Big Leadership Who Leads From The Front: The best of leaders define themselves by both what they do not do and how they inspire their teams to move mountains.
  • Big Stories That Connect To The Heart: In today’s world of attention deficiency, it is stories that break through and create long lasting connections.

Blaine Hurst, former President & CEO of Panera Bread, called Arjun, “One of the most ‘business intelligent’ minds in the business today. He is the ‘GO-TO GUY’ who makes things happen in the business world.”

Arjun would love to build a tailored presentation for your brand with your perfect-fit stories and go beyond to share behind-the-scenes situations and decision processes to give your audience a first-hand experience of how big wins happen.


A MOTIVATION PRESENTATION PERFECT FOR: Any organization where the audience needs a little spark to think outside the box and unleash their true potential.

We have all heard that statement that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” But ever wonder what prevents us from getting outside and doing things differently?

During 30 years in the corporate world and life, Arjun Sen realized that there’s a missing piece before we make the better choices and decisions. That is to start with a process of Unchoose, where we free ourselves of all current options, mindset and thinking. This enables us to maximize life decisions in every situation.

Arjun will share why he believes that in life and in business, we always have a path to Big Wins, and that can be achieved by focusing on:

  • Start With A Pause: Resist the temptation to act, be committed and enjoy a destination-free journey.
  • Question Everything: Create an assumption-free environment.
  • Invest In Unlearning: What worked before may not work again.
  • Use Reverse-Vision: Be, Think, Feel, and then Act.
  • Collect Every Dot: Be in gathering mode and connect dots later.
  • Find Unique Paths: Connect un-straight.
  • Focus On Feelings: Maximize the experience.

In this presentation, Arjun will share with your audience simple techniques they can use to constantly Unchoose and open your mind to bigger possibilities.