Problem Solving Motivational Speakers

If you’re looking for problem solving motivational speakers, look no further. Arjun’s fun and engaging presentation will connect with the audience as they leave with confidence, excitement, and ready to take action.

Arjun is the world’s number one “real” problem solving motivational speakers. Every time there is a problem Arjun looks at how to find the biggest opportunity in that problem and creates a roadmap to get there.

Problem-solving in the business world is not taught in business schools or any business books. Through his extensive background in the corporate world, he realized no two problems are the same, so each problem needs to be approached uniquely. As one of the top rated problem solving motivational speakers, Arjun helps the audience get into the mindset of what should be your first reaction when you face a problem, how to believe in yourself that you and only you can solve the problem, and how to see the big opportunity behind the problem.


Seeing the biggest opportunity becomes somewhat addictive because only then you start truly looking forward to the next problem; and as you know, only through problem solving, you can win big.

As a problem solving motivational speaker, Arjun brings real-life challenges and problems- what was thinking behind it, what ideas were rejected, and what ideas helped businesses move forward to win big.

Corporate leaders from around the world describe Arjun as one the most “must listen to” problem solving motivational speakers.

“Many people in our industry can describe or complain about a problem. Arjun is among the few capable of solving them in a way that makes action seem inevitable.” –  Lane Cardwell, former CEO of Boston Market and P.F. Chang’s, and current President of Cardwell Hospitality

“In the years I have known Arjun, he has demonstrated incredible marketing insight and problem solving abilities. Arjun is one of the most ‘Business-Intelligent’ minds in the business today. He is a ‘GO TO GUY’ who makes things happen in the business world.” – Blaine Hurst, Former President & CEO, Panera Bread