Customer Service Keynote Speaker

If you’re looking for a Customer Service Keynote Speaker, look no further. Arjun is the best motivational speaker on customer service. Arjun’s fun and engaging presentation will connect with the audience as they leave with confidence, excitement, and ready to take action.

In the space of customer service, there are thousands of speakers who bring their point of view.

Some bring a training perspective, some share five steps to win customers. But as a motivational speaker in customer service, Arjun shares stories of success & failure that actually worked, or did not work, in the business world which resulted in big wins.

These real-time stories that actually worked in customer service are proven roadmaps that are featured and well elaborated by the customer service keynote speaker, Arjun Sen.

In Customer service, it all starts with the customer and knowing the customer. As a motivational speaker in customer service, Arjun starts by showing the audience how to get to know the customer. Only then, they can create meaningful customer service that touches the heart of the customer.

Corporate leaders from around the world describe Arjun as a “must listen to” customer service keynote speaker.

“Arjun Sen recently spoke on Customer Karma at our annual Burger 21 Franchise Meeting. We are an aggressively growing franchise company and we were seeking someone to really tie in the importance of the customer experience to our success as a business. Arjun’s message was exactly what our team needed to hear. It helped establish and reaffirm our culture of taking care of our people first so that they may take care of our guests. I am rarely moved emotionally by a keynote, but Arjun’s humorous and passionate message really struck a chord with me and our entire franchise family. Having him speak was one of the highlights of our meeting and we were able to walk away and begin to make positive changes immediately. It was absolutely game-changing.” – Mark Johnston, President, Burger 21