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A few days ago, I was going through some old boxes in my office, and I came across a Magic 8 Ball. This retro toy, during its prime days, used to be at the center of gatherings. We would sit around it, ask questions, and the answer would magically appear.

The inventors of the Magic 8 Ball were geniuses. They took a twenty faced dice that floats in liquid. This ball had 20 possible replies to questions; there were 10 positive answers like ‘it is certain’ or ‘without a doubt’, there were 5 non-committal answers like ‘reply hazy, try again’ or ‘better not tell you now’, and 5 negative answers like ‘don’t count on it’ and ‘my reply is no’. When we shook the ball, one of the sides of the dice would come up and touch the glass window of the ball, making the reply visible.

As times changed, we became more obsessed with the digital world and forgot all about the Magic 8 Ball and its friends. In fact, before today I did not even remember where I had kept it. Today, as I held the ball in my hands and was reliving memories, I slowly turned it 90 degrees and realized it was no longer a Magic 8 Ball. The 8 became an infinity sign. This was actually a Magic Infinity Ball. In spite of having only 20 locked answers, it creates an environment where we can ask it any question we want to, showcasing endless possibilities.

As I started reflecting further, I was amazed! Life is full of opportunities and potential. It is us humans who keep rushing through life to get to the next milestone and ignore everything around us. We miss these because we do not pause to see. Think, it took me more than 15 years to realize this is not a Magic 8 Ball but a Magic Infinity Ball.

But I’m glad I found my Magic Infinity Ball in life. Now I can ask all the questions I want to.

Today, I am excited to share this story with you, because I hope you too find infinite opportunities and potential possibilities in everything around you.


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