Mike Domitrz, Hall-of-Fame Speaker, Author, Subject Matter Expert, Educator, and Certified Speaking Professional, is the Founder of The Center for Respect, Inc. He has devoted his life to the mission of creating a culture of respect for ALL. You may have seen Mike quoted in NBC Dateline, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and other renowned publications.
In 2022, Mike was inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame and was the first expert focused on respect in the workplace to ever be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Here are some key insights from this week’s show:
– Tiny cracks in respect become bigger over time and changes everything.
– When one has to earn your respect, it becomes a game of power.
– People are way more productive when they feel respected.
– Respect often gets ignored because it’s considered a soft skill.
– People shut down when they do not feel respected.
– When somebody feels they are living a life of choice, they feel respected.
– A great test for a leader is how many people can say no to them.
– Empower people to really have a choice in the workplace.
– The failure in most organizations is to not really learn about their people.
– Empathy is one of the most important traits of a great leader.


Watch the video version here: https://youtu.be/AxZ7buxSK3I