Bruce Somers, Jr. is the Chief Storyteller at Sincbox, a company Bruce founded after a decade in the direct response TV field. He pioneered the brand response category and, to date, has directed and produced over 500 campaigns for clients such as DIRECTV, VISA, Microsoft, Citibank, United Airlines, Starbucks, Dell, Bounce, Cascade, Dawn, CoverGirl, Hamilton Beach, Epson, Disney, Whirlpool, Weber Grills, Omaha Steaks,… to name a few.

Here are some key insights from this week’s show:
– Every person has a brand. You need to build it and guard it with everything you have.
– Brand power starts with authenticity, as brands can’t be something they are not.
– When a brand makes a mistake, admit it with transparency, sincerity, and authenticity. This can increase brand loyalty.
– Hurdles are thrown in our way to give us an opportunity to think harder and improve what we are trying to accomplish.
– A winner is a loser who tried one more time.
– All we are, are our stories; it is our stories that get us to where we are today.


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