A brand’s perception is its reality. When a new brand comes along, in our mind we perceive them to be just ‘One of Many’.

Think. Our life was going along perfectly, and we absolutely did not need what we are not aware of. Since we hardly know what this brand has to offer, it just makes it ‘One of Many’. As we start getting to know the brand, we get intrigued. It gets us curious. This may lead the brand to enter our choice-set and it becomes ‘One of Few’.

Now let us take this a step forward. When we really get to know the brand and we learn about the unique offering the brand has; and that really gets through to us. We cannot stop thinking about it. And once the brand gets us thinking about it, we start considering it, and end up falling in love with it. Soon, it generates a fear of missing out in us. Then the brand becomes ‘One of One’, and then we must get their product.

We can summarize as:

  • ‘One of Many’ = Ignore-worthy
  • ‘One of Few’ = Choice-worthy
  • One of One’ = Relationship-worthy, as search stops here.

So, a big win comes from when a brand starts its journey to become ‘One of ‘One’.

One of one Pyramid


Here are the two drivers of being ‘One of One’.

  1. Find the reason for us to be ‘One of One’: We have to be able to define it emotionally and justify it rationally. Let us take Papa John’s for example. Papa John’s says “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza”. The emotional benefit is the promise of a better pizza. The better ingredients is the rational justification. Similarly, every brand needs to define its emotional benefit first and then rationally justify it.
  2. See ourselves as ‘One of One’: We have to be able to see ourselves as ‘One of One’, because if we don’t, we won’t.



Now let us broaden this idea a little bit. You, me, and every one of us individuals, are brands. Our perception defines who we are. Perception is the promise of what we can do tomorrow, and that is the reason for people to choose us or not choose us.

When we look at ourselves as a brand, we must understand that we too start as ‘One of Many’, then move to ‘One of Few’, from there we have the opportunity to move to ‘One of One’.  To achieve that, we must define ourselves emotionally and then rationally justify it. In this journey, it is mission critical to remember, if we don’t see ourselves as ‘One of One’, we won’t be one. So, let us start by seeing ourselves as ‘One of One’ and let the fun begin.