Every brand, every life has a story. All we have to do is to go out and find the story.

On this day ten years back, my wife Chitra and I got married. I always wanted to figure out if there was a significance of the day of our marriage and it took me months to finally find the story.

Once we got our story, two things happened:

  1. We realized that 4/21 is the most romantic day of the year, and
  2. It gave us a story that we live every day in our marriage.

Today being April 21st, I really wanted to share this story with you. Here is the video, I hope you enjoy it.

I have learned that in life there is nothing random. Everything happens for a reason, and when things happen for a reason, there’s always a story behind it. Sometimes it takes weeks, or even months to find the story. The journey to finding the story is always fun. Once you find the story, not only does it stay in your heart and the people around you, but it also puts you on the path to live the story. Living a story defines us, both in business and in life.


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