Mental Training Expert Dr. Patrick Cohn has been an athlete his entire life and now a mental game coach. Dr. Cohn’s passion for sports and sports psychology started early in life and continued to grow as he participated in sports.

Today, he is the president and founder of Peak Performance Sports, LLC in Orlando, Florida, where he provides mental toughness training to individual and team athletes. He’s with high profile teams and athletes, such as the Miami Dolphins, NASCAR winners, NHL Players, NFL Players, National Motocross Champions, as well as PGA Tour professional golfers.


It has been my pleasure and honor to watch Dr. Cohn be the Jerry Maguire to top athletes where he is the mind behind big sports wins.


Here are some key insights from this week’s show:

– Think Big to Win Big.

– Be emotionally even to set yourself up for wins.

– Confidence is having the skills and knowledge to win.

– The key to success is to redefine winning when you are not winning.

– See yourself win.

– Winning is not an end.

– Be in the moment. Stay away from dwelling in past mistakes.

– You only fail when you do not try your best.

– Beware of internal distractions more than external ones.

– Accept the fact that we often do not make the best decisions when under pressure.

– Pressure is what we perceive individually.

– Dealing with failure is about learning and growing and not about dwelling on what is lost.

– If the highs are too high, then the lows become too low. Always stay on an even keel.


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