Mahmuda Mity has around six-years of working experience in the research sectors of Bangladesh. Currently she is Senior Research Officer in Climate Change and Disaster Management in SAJIDA Foundation. She is also a consultant for the International Centre for Climate Change and Development. She nurtures a keen interest in Climate Change related issues.

Here are some key insights from this week’s show:

– If our vision is not exciting enough, we may quit before the next obstacles.

– Find the answer to why, then it is easier to amplify the journey.

– The environment is something we can’t ignore as we are living with it.

– For one person, it’s not possible to fix everything, but a small step from each of us can start a little change in the world.

– A better world is an inherent responsibility, because you are living in it and it is ours.

– A grassroots level journey only starts when we ask those impacted what they want.

– There isn’t anything that is impossible, always find your way to the solution.


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