Rakhi Israni is the Founder and President of Excel Test, offering prep courses and career guidance and counseling. She is an attorney by profession, and also holds an MBA from Rice University.

She has been actively involved in community service activities for most of her life and currently serves as the Director of Public Relations for Sewa International USA, serves on other non-profit boards, and is on the board for the State Bar of Texas. She has mentored and coached high school kids for 30 years to become active and productive leaders in their communities.


Here are some key insights from this week’s show:

– The journey starts with the realization that every client matters.

– Always reach out to your fans for advice when taking the next big step.

– Leaders in volunteer organizations must get the team to connect with the bigger purpose.

– Leaders make their ego secondary and help every team member feel good.

– We all have nearly 87,000 seconds in a day. How we make each one count, matters.


Prefer to watch the video version? Watch it here: https://youtu.be/5Fm0qmZXgvU