Sree Sreenath is the founder and president of Vivekananda Yoga University (VaYU), the world’s first yoga University outside India.

He has nearly 40 years of experience as an academician and multiple academic administrator positions in the Electrical, Computer & Systems Engineering Department at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio and Served as the Director of Case UNESCO GENIe Program. He was the President of Sewa International working in the areas of disaster recovery, education, and development. Under his leadership, Sewa raised $70 million (with $50 million in cash) in 2021, for COVID India Relief.


Here are some key insights from this week’s show:

  • The smartest thing we do for someone else is to make that person happy.
  • In the service business, you have to like and love people.
  • Always ask the question, “What can I give you today?”
  • Be present with your heart.


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