Ken Calwell is the CMO & SVP of Innovation at Compassion International and responsible for Compassion’s fundraising, marketing, and innovation. Prior to this, Ken held senior leadership roles at Domino’s Pizza, Wendy’s, and Papa Murphy’s. Ken started his career at Pillsbury, and then Pizza Hut and I was fortunate to work with him at Pizza Hut. It is simply fascinating how Ken brought the highest level of branding expertise to the non-profit industry along with his passion and vision.


Listen to how Ken started at the age of 13 with his own lawn mowing business and built it without marketing, only with service, to achieve 10 years of double digit year over year growth; and how he built on that service mindset to make a big impact for major restaurant chains and non-profits.


Here are some key insights from this week’s show:

  • Start with clarity on WHO you are serving.
  • Then move to WHY they need you.
  • Dream Big, Test Small, Learn Fast, Repeat over and over.


Prefer to watch the video version? Watch it here: