Secrets to Win Big - Arjun Sen

Secrets to Win Big – Arjun Sen


Recently, during a visit to my neighborhood supermarket, I realized there were sixteen self-checkout lanes open. There were also a few staffed lanes open; three express lanes for less than ten items and one for general, assuming it was for those buying more than ten items.
As I stood in line, I was behind two customers, each of them had a cart full of items. Soon, others with tons of items lined up behind me. As I stood in line for nearly 5 minutes, I did the math in my head:

  • Assuming the average item is $4.
  • The express lane or self-checkout customers, who had 10 or less items, were spending a maximum of $40 each.
  • The regular customers (going by my cart) spent more than $150.

I am all for making it easy for the express shopper, but why can’t stores make it pleasant for the mega buyers who are spending a lot more money?


Imagine This:

You are getting close to the checkout counter, pushing a super full cartload of items. Suddenly, you are greeted by an employee with a big smile who offers to take your cart and says, “I got it from here.” You are guided to a special checkout lane, which opens just for you. There is a massage chair there for you to take a break, maybe some water and refreshments (I was thinking of a glass of wine, but did not want you to get too excited). The employee unloads each item from the cart, scans them, and places them in bags. Next, they bring you a card reader for your credit card payment and is ready to push your cart to your car. You have the expression on your face, “Really? Could you not slow down a little, please?  I am really getting used to this mini-indulgence.”

In a world where everything is rushing towards faster and more efficient; in some situations, it may be good to give customers an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the moment. It is those “I got it from here” moments that can create a lifelong connection with your customers.


How Can You Create Your “I Got It From Here” Customer Moments?

Start by acknowledging that creating a path for 90% of your customers may not be good enough, especially if the remaining 10% are your highest paying customers. It takes a totally different mindset to take care of the express customers than those who have a cart full of items. It is like creating two different highways for two different occasions; without which, you are encouraging your customers to buy less to use the express lanes.

To create the “I got it from here” moment for your customers, here are a few questions to ask:

  1. What is the one big “worry moment” that needs to be solved?
    In the grocery store example, as they get close to the check-out, they feel “oh no, now it will be a long wait.”
  2. How can the worry moment be turned into a wow moment?
    In the grocery store example, the dreaded moment will turn into the most anticipated moment.
  3. Finally, how can you go above and beyond to make the wow memorable?
    In this case, adding the massage chair, water, and refreshments (and may be wine) will take the customer over the top.

Just know we are all in the Feeling Business®.  No business can survive long-term by making their customers feel bad. Wowing your customers, especially those high paying ones, is one of the Secrets To Win Big®.



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