Divya Shukla is a student of Carnegie Vanguard High School Class of 2022. In the first seventeen years of her life, she has made impact in the lives of others, that make her an emerging leader of tomorrow. Here is a simple example: She had some severe eye challenges while growing up. But instead of just finding a solution for herself with the help of her parents, she worked with the University of Houston Optometry Research, in a role that is offered primarily to graduate students and has published articles like “Behavioral Measures in Myopic and Non-Myopic High”. What impressed me is this young leader does not stop at finding a solution for herself but goes above and beyond to make an impact inn the lives of others around.

Here are some key insights from this week’s show:

  1. Research is going beyond Google, it is a mindset of constantly learning.
  2. More important than how to stay out of trouble is how to get out of trouble.
  3. How to enjoy being in the middle of the present, as that is the future you wanted to be in.

Prefer to watch the video version? Watch it here: https://youtu.be/ZX52xCYAozY