I was looking out of the window seat and saw the ground staff was starting to load the luggage on my plane. I kept looking out to see if I could spot my golf club bag. Then there it was, and I was very appreciative of the staff members gently putting them on the conveyor belt. Knowing that my golf clubs made it, generated a feeling of assuredness.

As my clubs disappeared from my view into the belly of the aircraft, I started thinking… Why can’t United Airlines always make every passenger feel assured about their luggage as they fly? With Amazon and FedEx, I know exactly where my package is and once it gets to my door, they even upload a picture of the package waiting for me at my door. A few years back, we had worked with Domino’s to extend the same feeling of customer-control and assurance as we had developed the Pizza Tracker for them. The concept of the Pizza Tracker was simple: Customers know that they can track their pizza anytime to know exactly where it is. They may not track it every time but knowing they can track it makes them feel in control and assured. As we are all in the Feeling Business®, that moment of feeling good goes a long way to add to the brand experience.

Whatever business you are in, you can find a way to generate this customer feeling. If you are major shoe retailer, as the staff goes to the back storage area, they can tell the customer: “Let me go back and find the right size for you. I will also see what else is there that you may like. It could take anywhere from 2 to 4 minutes. But I will be back as soon as possible.” This goes beyond consumer goods and can be extended to the B2B world. If you are a consulting service provider, in a simple shared document you can have the updated status of the project. Anytime the client wants to, they can go there and check out the updated status and what happens next. You can even take it a step beyond and call it something fancy like XYZ Project Tracker. See, just learning from what Amazon, Domino’s, and FedEx are doing, you can do a major value-add to your business.

Here are my two major takeaways:
  1. Every business has a path to a Billion Dollar idea and that path always comes from finding a way to make your customers or clients feel good at a level higher than your competition. As the world’ first WIN BIG AGENCY, we at ZenMango feel goosebumps when we help our partners find the path to win big.
  2. A wise person once told me that 7 out 10 ideas one needs to excel, already exists in a different industry not too far away. Hence, always appreciate anything good you experience and then play the game, “how can I bring this idea to my industry”. Maybe one of those games will completely transform your business and take you to the next level of brand differentiation.


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