Victoria Song is a peak performance coach supporting leaders and companies who inspire us to live and work not just for profit but for purpose. She supports the highest impact leaders who have missions she wants to see exist in the world.


An alumna of Yale College and Harvard Business School, she is a former venture capital investor turned executive coach. She works exclusively with conscious leaders who understand that their financial growth is deeply tied to their personal growth, and that one without the other is not true success. Supporting them with their missions allows Victoria to scale her impact by creating powerful ripples through her clients’ products, cultures, and services.


Listen to this powerful Secrets to Win Big episode with Victoria Song where they talk about how & why she came to be a peak performance coach who thinks about success a little differently than others, some of the lessons she has learned and now passes on to others, and details about her book ‘Bending Reality’.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

  • What inspired her to get where she is now, and details about the path she took.
  • How and why she connects personal growth with business growth.
  • Arjun’s awakening in his life and how it relates to personal growth.
  • The source of her wisdom, and a story of when she first listened to her heart.
  • Some details about her book and the interesting reactions it has received.
  • One simple tool that could help anyone in his or her quest for growth.


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