Brian Gregory is the CEO and Founder of He is an expert in direct selling, an entrepreneur, an advertising executive, and a 20-year owner/publisher of large, citywide magazines in the Phoenix market. Brian has helped to create a breakthrough emotional algorithm that can instantly give any business the advertising strategies, tactics and formulas that will sell it most effectively in the market without the high cost of hiring an agency. Brian says small businesses should advertise just like the big brands but usually, they just don’t know how.


Listen to this Secrets to Win Big episode with Brian Gregory in which they explore how emotions are interwoven with advertising.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

●     How brands have to think about what & who they are.

●     What is an emotional archetype.

●     Why marketing is an art using emotions between people.

●     Advice for those who are just starting a business in terms of branding and advertising.


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