Secrets to Win Big with Arjun Sen

S04E025: Life’s Simple Truths: Embrace Them Effortfully For Fulfillment


with VIP guest Jairek Robbins


Jairek Robbins is Business Performance Coach a Keynote Business Speaker and a #1 bestselling business author. FastCompany calls him inspiring and says he’ll make your life less ordinary. Forbes says Jairek will teach you how to succeed. Deepak Chopra will advise you to go to Jairek to help create meaning and fulfillment in your life. Brian Tracy applauds Jairek’s ability to teach people how to develop meaning and purpose in life, and then to make a difference in the lives of others. Jairek is always helping those who are looking for ways to level up in life and business.


Listen to this powerful Secrets to Win Big episode with Jairek Robbins in which we hear some of Jairek’s interesting life stories as well as his advice concerning the simple truth’s of life. Jairek shares from his heart the path to being a fulfilled individual.

Here are some highlights from this week’s show:

  • Just care: Fulfillment is about caring about others.
  • Play the hand you’re dealt: Do the most you can with whatever you are given.
  • Trade your expectations for appreciations.
  • Do what you feel is right.
  • Why you need to maximize your magic moments in life.


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