Secrets to Win Big with Arjun Sen

S4 Ep 20: Make Ideas Bigger

Special Edition: Arjun Shares His Secrets

On another special solo edition of Secrets To Win Big Arjun speaks candidly and directly to his audience about a topic close to his heart. Through compelling stories and insight Arjun gives us first-hand knowledge on how exactly one can make ideas bigger. 

Whether it is his interesting private flight with the CEO of Boston Market and the stark implications between proposing a plan and having an idea, or the time he gained a valuable perception through a seemingly simple promotional idea at Chipotle, Arjun demonstrates to us how good ideas can become great ideas though concerted reflection. Arjun explains how pursuing big ideas cannot be random and that you must connect with “the why” and feel good about what you are doing to be truly successful.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

The contrast between an idea and a plan that can be implemented.

Arjun’s personal story about consulting Chipotle on the opportunities that would lie within expanding their ingredient seasonality window.

How Arjun discovered a billion dollar idea through detailed examination of a simple graph.

Why a business needs to connect with a purpose. 

Arjun’s start at Papa Johns and how customer’s their long wait time on the phone led to a big idea around online ordering. 

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