– Secrets to Win Big with Arjun Sen

S4 Ep 18: Learn To See Beyond: Turn Today’s Opportunities into Future Success

Special Edition: Arjun Shares His Secrets


On a special edition of Secrets to Win Big, Arjun dives into thinking about the future and the importance of slowing down. He will share why it’s important to not get caught up in your every-day work and forget to see the big picture; because that’s how things get missed.


Listen to this powerful Secrets to Win Big episode to hear about the small details of a business and why they’re left in the dust, and how Arjun experienced the realization for the first time to become more detail-oriented.


Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

How Arjun discovered how he had been overlooking the details of his life and his work.

Why ignoring the details makes an inefficient business model, and how to make a trail to find out where to start in seeing beyond your own journey.

How missing the causes of problems make worse ones in the future.

If you miss the trail of details that lead to success, your insight and wisdom will also be missed.


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