It was 7:00 AM when the 18-Wheeler pulled in front of our new home in Houston. The driver, Souleymane, stepped out of the truck and greeted me. He wanted me to pay for the final amount in cash before his team unloaded the truck. I was a little hesitant but did it anyway.

The next seven hours felt like being in the middle of a storm as his team meticulously got every box in the right room. They took time to arrange and assemble every piece of furniture. Then Souleymane kept asking us one question over and over again, “What else can I do for you?”

Initially, we were a little worried as we thought “getting more could cost us more”. Souleymane was persistent and at my wife Chitra’s request, tested every fan and every appliance to make sure they were working. Next, Souleymane took pictures of anything that was damaged. He even helped me fill out the forms to make claims for the damages.
At the end, his team took all the used boxes, clean the place, and left. All without any additional cost.


The Souleymane Magic

What started as an uncomfortable “pay cash first” ended with team Souleymane giving us more, more, and even more.

Thank you Souleymane for showcasing that there is no limit to how much you can give to a customer as it is the unlimited giving, driven by the mindset of “What else can I do for you?” that creates a wow experience for the customer.

Businesses often put boundaries on customer deliverables. If they look at a customer connection to be lifetime, and each connection leads to a stronger future connection; then it is easy to see how profitable it is to go above and beyond with every customer, every time.

Yes, wowing a customer pays off as I am blogging about Souleymane wowing me, that too within a week of the move.


Three questions to ask to wow every customer every time.

How to:

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and feel what they feel
  2. Create the mindset of “do what it takes” to help the customer
  3. Ask the question in a way the customer can say yes easily

The last one is the most critical piece, as putting the customer in the mindset, the way Souleyman did, makes all the difference. Just checking the box of asking the question does not create a wow moment.


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