Secrets to Win Big with Arjun Sen  

S4 E004: Unstuck: Get your sales pipeline flowing again with VIP guest Barry Moltz

As a small-business expert, Barry Moltz gets owners growing again by unlocking their long-forgotten potential. An author of six books, nationally recognized speaker and a member of the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, he has taught entrepreneurship as an adjunct professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He hosts a weekly radio program, “The Small Business Radio Show,” and writes for the American Express Open Forum and other periodicals. As a business consultant, Barry applies simple, strategic steps to facilitate change. He founded an angel investor group, an angel fund and is a former advisory board member of the Angel Capital Education Foundation. His first book, “You Need to be a Little Crazy: The Truth About Starting and Growing Your Business,” is in its fifth reprint and has been translated into Chinese, Russian, Korean and Thai.

Listen to this powerful Secrets to Win Big episode with Barry Moltz about how small businesses can get unstuck, grow sales and boost profits.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

Why marketing is an all-the-time thing, not just a sometimes thing.

How simple, strategic steps can translate into big change for companies.

Why owners shouldn’t run their business on the hub-and-spoke model.

How finding a mentor can enhance your success.

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