I wanted to cancel our satellite radio subscription as I have not been listening to it much. I went to their website and when I clicked on the cancel option, a pop-up box opened telling me that to cancel I must chat with or call a representative. I waited for 15 minutes for a chat person and then I picked up the phone and called the 866 number. After another 10 minutes on-hold, Charlie answered the phone. He controlled the conversation and asked me every detail about my satellite radio usage. After a few minutes I had enough and I told him very clearly, “I just want out!”

Charlie went on to explain the reason he was asking all these questions is because he could save me some money; instead of paying $31.45 a month, I can get the same services for $12.25 a month; a 61% savings. I thought for a while and said, “that means you have been charging 157% more every month.” I followed up with a question: “I have been a customer for nearly 14 years. How long have I been paying more?” Charlie did not have an answer. Since “how long” did not work, I asked “why” have I been paying more and Charlie replied “because you have not called us before!”. Wow, it is the fault of the customer for not calling every month to ask what the best price is; and on top of it I had to invest a total of 35 minutes of my time to get to this point.

I trusted the satellite radio company for 14 years. Think what they could have done; they could have periodically communicated with me that there was a price drop and that would have pleasantly surprised the heck out of me. I would have become their number one fan and never would have even considered leaving. In fact, this blog would have been titled “You got me forever” or “This is the way you keep customers forever”. Any business loves to hear the word “forever” instead of “want out”.

Thinking in a bigger picture, when someone is trying to break up with you, is that the best time to show your best actions from your heart? Shouldn’t you be showing heartfelt actions of care every day when you are still in a relationship? Showing actions every day means you put the relationship above personal gains and that really makes a difference.


Three Questions to ask as you build long term connections:

  1. Whose responsibility is it to make sure my customers get the best price and services?
    (Hint: It is your responsibility)
  2. What is the best time to communicate to customers that they can get a better price?
    (Hint: Now or without any delay)
  3. Finally, when a customer wants to leave, how can you help them end the relationship with dignity and respect and not make a business transaction out of it?


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