Graham Arrowsmith and Kevin Appleby are the co-hosts of the Next 100 Days podcast based in the UK.

Graham possesses a rare strength to devise, create and deliver unique marketing solutions. He networks thoughts from one market to create novelty in another. He’s a podcasting veteran and is trustee of a local charity. He runs two companies: Finely Fettled Limited, a marketing to the affluent marketing agency and Meet Professionals Limited, a lead generation business for financial advisers.

Kevin helps the next generation of finance leaders develop into dynamic and influential CFOs. He is a chartered accountant who has worked as a CFO and management consultant. More recently, he has been involved in learning and development, teaching skills linked to business and financial transformation projects. His passion is to pass on knowledge to as many people as possible and as COO and Head of Content at GrowCFO he sees it as a great place to do this.

Listen to Graham and Kevin to learn how to create moments of beauty through interaction with people and drive forward with the curiosity to know something more.

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