Known as the Marketing Guys, Elias Crum and Mark van Horik are co-hosts of the Marketing Technology podcast in the Netherlands.

Elias is founder of the Marketing Guys and writes articles & organizes Marketing Technology Day. Elias loves marketing & entrepreneurship and has worked with KPN (Dutch Telecoms), XS4ALL & RAM Mobile Data in marketing & sales leadership roles, in Europe & the US.

Mark is the Managing Partner of ProteQtor IT, a cybersecurity company, and host of video podcast ProteQtor Cybersecurity Stories. Mark worked as a marketeer in the realm of the digital world since the mid 90’s and has a special interest in Marketing Technology which led him to be part of Marketing Guys where he helps companies succeed using MarTech.

Listen to Elias and Mark to think from the customer point of view and why it’s important to clearly set goals to help you achieve big wins.

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