Anupama and Hemant Chawla are both successful Architects with great careers and that is the second thing that is common between them. They are married with 3 kids, and when opportunities arise they collaborate on projects together.

Anupama is an Architect- Academician with about 20 years of experience in Residential Architecture and 8 years of experience in teaching Architecture. After 25 years of leaving college, she went on to do her Masters in Architecture and received a gold medal for topping her branch.

Hemant is a partner at Casa Consulting Inc. and HS Contracts in New Delhi, India doing projects in 12 Indian states. Hemant has more than 20 years of experience in Construction, Project Management, and Architecture.

In this episode, the Chawlas share that, to make the world better make yourself better first and always know when you need to upgrade your knowledge. 

Listen to Anupama and Hemant to see for yourself how two different individuals with a shared vision can partner to Win Big.

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