Juju and ERock Christopher are a couple both amazingly successful in their own professional fields and in life together. They are Thought Leaders changing the business world.

Juju Christopher is a Spiritual Mentor, Best-Selling Author, Transformational Speaker, one of the World-Renowned Experts on Business Intuition, aka Biztuition. She is the CEO and Creator of Biztuition.

ERock Christopher is a successful Entrepreneur. He is the Founder & CEO of BizFamous Media Group; a company designed to promote Large Brands and Enterprises.

Juju & ERock believe in beginning the journey with self-acceptance and self-appreciation. In this episode, Juju & ERock share about living your truth and trusting the process. They define authenticity as being the same person in work and in life.

Listen to Juju & ERock to learn how to look at challenges as the universe’s gifts to you.

Secrets to Win Big with Arjun Sen brings you leaders from around the world and all walks of life.

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