Chithrai Mani, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at InfoVision, is a hands-on, Visionary Technology Leader driving Innovation and Transformation of Fortune 500 Companies to shape their Digital Future.

Chithrai starts every interaction by thinking ‘how can we make our clients more successful and satisfied?’ He emphasizes on delivering on client needs every time because how you deliver is a crucial point in long-term client relationships. He further tells us that simply upgrading technology is not ‘future-readiness’ and that technology is not only an enabler, we must use it to solve business problems. In this episode, Chithrai shares about consistently improving customer interaction and experience, and being innovative and creative.

What will wow you is how this man thinks. In the digital transformation area, many get too eager to apply their favorite tech solution. What Chithrai does so well is to PAUSE…… SEE the business opportunity and then CREATE the a purposeful path using the right tech solution for businesses …. and create the path to SUSTAIN their position there. Great examples of actual Big Impact.

As I interviewed him, I also loved the eternal-kid-at-heart in Chithrai, who is always calm and has a smile on… a truly authentic sharing from the heart.

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