Yesterday I put myself in a position where I could not show face to the world.

I was getting ready for a face to face meeting, so I wanted to use some hair color to cover my gray hairs. After applying the hair color, I did the unthinkable; I dozed off. I woke up to see dark patches on the left side of my face and of course, the back of my neck. I tried remedies but soon realized that nothing was working and started feeling that I cannot show my face to the world.

Trying out a hail Mary, I called a local Beauty supply store, and when Samantha picked up, I explained to her my challenge. She said, “Come right over as we have the right solution for you!” When I went over, Samantha greeted me with a smile, as the dark patch on my face was a giveaway. She had a box of wipes and a sample for me to try. At her insistence, I took the sample to one of the mirrors, and whoa… it worked! But Samantha was not done as she got me a separate lotion-infused cool-smelling wipe that was meant to relax my skin and make me feel good. Now she was really showing off.

As I came back to the car, I appreciated the true magnitude of what had just happened. When I had called Samantha’s store, I was unsure of finding a solution; I was not sure even when I had walked in. Seeing that she was ready for me was the first-of-many wow moments. The wows landed back to back, and it all happened for a $6.99 purchase. The end result: I was sitting in my car, maximizing the use of the mirror to admire my recently-lost but-now-found face.


The Path to Saving a Customer’s Day

My day was saved because of Super Samantha and her magic that put her on the path to Win Big. So, what can your business do to WIN BIG like Samantha?

At ZenMango, we believe it is all about Winning Big. Big Wins come when you Win Big with every customer, every time. It all starts with SEEING BEYOND™ and CONNECTING TO THE WOW FEELING™ that you want every customer to feel each time. Samantha clearly listened to me and felt my urgent plea for help. She realized her mission in life was to make me feel that “I have found a solution that actually works” when I leave the store. That connecting to the right feeling is really key as there is a big difference when a customer leaves with a solution that they think may work versus one they know works. The difference is a feeling of assurance that is priceless. And of course, Samantha attained Super Samantha status by making the IDEA EVEN BIGGER. Her offering of the lotion-infused cool-smelling wipe put the biggest smile on my face. It is kind of cheesy, but it is true when I say, “I walked in with a big frown and she single-handedly turned my frown upside down!”

When I reflected back, I realized all Samantha did was spend a few extra minutes and give me 25 cents worth of free products. But she connected that with her purpose to be there; to offer the right solution to the customer and that made the big difference.


5 Questions to Ask Yourself:

To put your brand on the path to turning frowns into smiles, here are five questions to ask about your customers:

  1. Why did they choose your business?
  2. What solution are they actually seeking?
  3. How do you communicate the brand promise in the fewest words?
  4. What assurance do you want them to leave with?
  5. What one simple thing can you do to make them feel wow?

Of course, once you find the answers to the above questions, then hire the Samanthas of the world, empower them, and get out of the way to see them perform at the highest level.

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