This podcast conversation with Agni Sen, a 14-year old, will make you go “Hmm”!

A thought leader is someone whose one thought or action makes us all pause and think… “Hmm why did I not think about that?” That one “Hmm” has the potential of completely changing our world as we start seeing things differently.  The world is never the same after a “Hmm” moment.

My conversation with this young man hit me with quite a few “Hmm” moments. One of those moments happened when Agni shared, “The key to success is to have different milestones from the rest”. Think of the power of this statement. If you and I, both are running the same marathon, you may need to hydrate every 5 miles. I may need to pause every mile, be proud of my accomplishment, hydrate, and then run the next mile. Finding our personal-needed milestones is critical for our individual success. This conversation is full of “Hmm” moments like that. I am immensely proud of Agni… a little more because he is my nephew.

It is my personal pleasure to share the launch of this episode of Secrets to Win Big with VIP Guest Agni Sen.

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