You can have a box full of beads, but when you find the right thread that connects the beads, you have a bracelet that everyone wants.

When a guest walks into your business, they experience tons of micro-experience elements. It starts with the first impression and ends with the grand finale when the guest leaves. Of course, each one of the elements leaves an impact on the guest’s mind. But when all elements are connected with a common thread, the guest feels the true heartbeat of the business, and that will make them go “WOW”. A business can have a series of amazing guest experience elements, but without a thread, guests will leave with a feeling of “Hmm, something is missing; I wonder what it is!”


The Thread in Leadership

The concept of the thread is equally important in leadership. You can have a team of amazing individuals, but only when they are connected with a common purpose and vision, the net impact of the team exceeds the sum of individual efforts.

Superstar leaders are the thread, as they create the roadmap to winning and build the right team around the path. Starting with a team of individual stars and then finding a consensus path can be risky as that encourages individual wins and not team wins. A strong thread defines the path for a team to win. To hear more about threads from leaders of all walks of life, tune in to the Secrets to Win Big podcast.


4 Steps to Identify Your Thread

  1. START WITH THE THREAD: It is important to start with the thread, as it is the authentic core of your business.
  2. FIND THE BEADS: Once you have the right thread, it is easier to find the right beads.
  3. CONNECT THE BEADS USING THE THREAD: Think of the overall experience to be bigger than each bead and clearly see the role of each bead in delivering the experience.
  4. CHANGE THE BEADS BUT NEVER THE THREAD: Brands need refreshing and updates. Find new beads that enhance specific elements of the guest experience. But please make sure that the thread is the same, as the consistency of the thread builds the trust over time, and without trust, there is no brand.


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