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Shoojit Sircar, Award-Winning Director and Film Producer from India is one of the most acclaimed storytellers of recent times. Shoojit did not formally study art, but he fell in love with theater. It was a Search Stops Here moment for him, as he quit his education to jump into theater. The journey evolved to ad films and then feature films; and everywhere he went, he was a rebel with a purpose. He kept his life to be simple and told each story with ultimate level of authenticity and purpose. He painted each character in reality so that people could relate to them in real life experience.

Listen to Shoojit to learn how he created his own path to Win Big in an industry full of dos and don’ts; where he chose to break the boundaries for a purpose.

Secrets to Win Big with Arjun Sen brings you leaders from around the world and all walks of life. In this episode enjoy the journey away from the traditional corporate world, to appreciate how authenticity and simplicity are essential in creating paths to Win Big.

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