Secrets to Win Big with Arjun Sen

Working with top business professionals and sports personalities, I have observed that the Best never stop investing in getting better. That desire to continuously invest to get better puts us on the path to sustained wins. Every time I have met leaders from any field, I always wanted to learn what uniquely makes them successful. This podcast is a direct outcome of that learning and inspiration over the years.

Welcome to Secrets to Win Big. Winning is fun but winning big will put you on the path to long term sustained success. I am really excited to share the first three episodes of the podcast to you. They are:


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Below are my favorite soundbites from the first set of VIP guests. Please do not forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe to my podcast. Your participation is my true reward for this journey. Please email me at if you want to recommend someone to be a VIP guest on the podcast. Please note it is totally OK to recommend yourself too.

    • “Leadership is creating a true culture of dissatisfaction. Always feel “We ain’t good enough”” – Blaine Hurst, Former President & CEO, Panera Bread
    • “Be in the mindset of drive & thrive and not just survive” – Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman & CEO. C-Suite Network
    • “Seeing the big picture is a lot like using Google maps.  Zoom in to see houses and roads but zoom out to see where the roads lead to” – Lane Cardwell, President, Cardwell Hospitality Inc.
    • “Innovation doesn’t always mean creating something new; you can get there by just stretching the old a little” – Julie Holmes, Acclaimed Global Innoventrepreneur
    • “Don’t fall in the trap of staying in brainstorming. Instead, get rapidly to action.” – Amit Banerjee, CEO, Philanthropy Kids
    • “Do not be satisfied with ripples that go outward. Create echoes which come back.” – John Register, Mr. Comeback who amputates fear
    • “Always move forward however slow it may seem” – Jana Axline, Founder & Chief Project Officer, Project Genetics
    • “Every small motion which is complicated, when you combine, becomes the overall activity”  – Agni Sen, Emerging Thought Leader
    • “Brands start with clear values. Values lead to a culture of people. External manifestation of culture is your brand voice.” – William Espey, Brand voice of Chipotle for the first 19 years
    • “Always ask for feedback. Never close the door to get better” – Tom Cole, Founder, Bradford Marketing & Business transformation leader
    • “Be calm. It is the mindset that will help you see the path ahead better” – Sundi Sundaresh, Board Member, CEO, Executive Advisor
    • “Fail forward and fail enough times to be able to grow past that” – Lucas Clarke, VP of Marketing, Ninja Nation
    • “Live people first always; It’s not just words, but actions that matter” – Bob Bafundo, COO, Buffalo Wings & Rings
    • “Learning what does not work is never a waste of time” – David Flanery, Former CFO Benihana & Papa John’s
    • “For the world to take a chance on you, start by believing in yourself” – Lara Knuettel, CEO, JCC Denver


Here are four reasons that make this podcast a must listen:

Hear it straight from global leaders

In this podcast you will hear from leaders from around the world and all walks of life, sharing their secrets. These are leaders who have wowed me with their way of thinking and putting their thoughts into action.

Secrets from leaders with different points of view

We are all different, and our individual leadership journey is different for each one of us. This podcast celebrates the different paths different leaders take to win. It shows that there is not one universal profile for a leader, and one path to win. In the first fifteen episodes, you will hear secrets from leaders from all over the world, all ages, and different areas of life. The leaders share their own unique thoughts and soundbites.

Importance of soundbites from leaders

Often you may not have time to immediately listen to an entire podcast, but need insight nuggets to nudge you forward. Those are times the soundbites and one-liners will give you a quick “spot of inspiration.”

Inside story behind the half-face graphic

I have the best seat in the house to facilitate content from VIP guests and bring you unique perspectives. The half-face graphic is to stay true to the vision of the podcast; guest driven insights.


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