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For any branding project the journey starts with a clear vision of the finish line. Five years ago, on a June morning, I started dreaming of an initiative to create a global digital space where there is only good news. That journey became real only a year back when I finally saw the finish line for the initiative.

The vision was about a family with kids, sitting in front of a screen and looking engrossed at a world map.  They had big smiles on their face as every few seconds a new story of kindness and good deed from some corner of the world was popping up.

Today that vision has become a reality and I am excited to invite you to the 311 Challenge for a better world. All of us together are responsible for our world and the site gives all of us an opportunity to make it better. The 311 Challenge for a better a world challenges everyone to act, as every action makes a difference.

The language of the website is family suitable to fulfil the vision. The site does not allow any inappropriate language as our partners at Prama integrated an AI based algorithm to prevent posts that violate the policy.

The site is a zero-commercial zone. We respect everyone’s privacy 100% as a log-in is not needed to post a story.

Please join me in taking the 311 Challenge by going to www.311challenge.com. Please share it with friends and family.

I am personally looking forward to experiencing the magic with my family as stories of kindness and good deeds from all corners of the world pop up.


What is it?

  • 3  CONNECT with three people. Reach out to a friend or a family member who you have not been in touch with. Share a smile, say something nice and encouraging; create a mini moment.
  • 1  BRIGHTEN someone’s day. Go above and beyond to help someone. Take some time to do a simple act of thoughtfulness that will make a big impact in the person’s life.
  • 1  DO SOMETHING NICE for yourself. Celebrate you. Take a moment to be proud of who you are and do something nice. Even pausing and asking for help is a great way to show you care about yourself.

Then visit www.311challenge.com to celebrate and share your story with others.

You can do it daily, weekly or monthly. Once you complete the 3-1-1 challenge, please share your stories of brightening the world so that others around the world feel good reading it.



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