This current period of uncertainty was unforeseen. The layering of serious worries about health and economy is simply overwhelming. To make matters worse, none of us have a playbook to use during these times. We should not live in denial, but we must also believe that each one of us has what it takes to overcome and come out strong.

To get out of the current state of shock it is important to first get into a positive and constructive mindset. (Of course, that is easier said than done). There are five evolving stages that we all must go through. This will get us ready to win big when things start becoming normal. These are just thought starters, and each of us should add our own ideas to make the perfect personal road-map.

I request all of you to commit to ONE action at the end: Please reach out to a few people and help them to get through this period. It will make a big difference. I know, if you sent me any thoughts, advice, or a note; that will pump me up.

The 5 stages:

  1. WORRIED & ANXIOUS: This is where most of us have been when the crisis began. It is natural to feel overwhelmed in the middle of a major uncertainty. Staying here will not help us and we need to find a way out of this.
  2. FIND SELF BELIEF: The first step out of worries and anxiety must be driven by mental strength. We must look back and think of all the difficult situations in life we have navigated through. Being proud of every past accomplishment will make us realize that all those past wins got us ready for this big challenge. It starts with believing that we will survive through this and commit to doing whatever it takes to come out a winner. When I need a little boost, I love to listen to this rendering of Pete Seeger – We shall overcome. I may be a little dated and my Facebook friends shared two more recent songs IAMLXGEND and Macklemore’s Glorious
  3. START A ROUTINE: Routines are the easiest way to get into an action mode and remain there. Our daily routine during this period should be purposeful and focused to make us best prepared for BIG success when this is over. Once we start to act regularly, the momentum will tip in each of our favor.
  4. COME OUT STRONG: When the world reopens, we must be ready to come out of the gates running. There will be a lot of competition at that point, and those who are most prepared to get a jump start, will have odds in their favor to start winning immediately. We must remember that it will take the strongest boldest effort from each one of us, but nothing to worry about as we all have it inside of us. This is my personal cheer song that gives me goosebumps every time I listen to this Des’ree song
  5. CONTINUE TO ACCELERATE: A good start is what it will take at the beginning, but that will not be enough. We will need to keep accelerating to build the momentum and sustain our wins.

Once we are aware of these 5 stages, here are the three questions each one of us must answer:

  1. Which stage am I in?
  2. What one action can I take to get to the next stage?
  3. Who all can I help to move ahead in their journey?



Each one of you have been amazing friends and collaborators. I am grateful to each of you for every connection, help, advice, and guidance. To celebrate our connection, I am sharing with you some ideas and resources that you might find useful and fun during this period.

Thank you!

  1. PERSONAL BRANDING FREE WEBINAR (More details to come):
    Each one of you is a brand! It is your perception that defines you. If you do not manage your perception, external factors will manage it for you. In this 90-minute webinar, you will leave with three things you need to unleash your personal brand:

    1. A MINDSET CHANGE to see the value and benefits
    2. A FRAMEWORK to add your content and be purposeful
    3. A PROCESS to build and sustain
    This LinkedIn post is a simple game to ‘Discover the Difference’. It will open your mind to things you can do to create a professional image in your next virtual meeting. Please check the video of how Late Night hosts are taking their show virtual.
  3. RESTAURANT TAKE-OUT: 7 Ways to make your take-out offering more relevant in current times.
  4. HOW TO CORONAVIRUS-PROOF YOUR HOME By Scottie Andrew, CNN: I found this to be a very useful resource to print and share with neighbors.



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