I was in the market for a pre-owned car with low miles. After spending a long day with different dealerships, each trying to bait and switch; my wife Chitra, our adorable puppy Yuki, and I were nearly ready to give up.

We made one last stop. Richard, the manager got us some chilled bottled water. Next, he got a doggy bowl and poured a bottle of water in it. Yuki was happy. Whoa, what just happened?  As I looked around, I realized that on the snack counter they had separate snacks for pets and humans. Chitra and I felt these are our kind of people and we would really like to buy the car from them (of course, if the price was right). Their action was not fancy but straight from the heart. That made it WOW.

People decide emotionally and then justify rationally. Getting Yuki a doggy bowl with fresh water was a simple authentic gesture that helped create an emotional connection. Having the separate snacks for pets further validated our feeling.

What is the equivalent of the doggy bowl in your business? What is the one thing that will make customers feel “These are the kind of people I want to do business with.”?

What Is The One Thing That Connects To Your Customers?

Finding that one thing starts with knowing who your customers are and what they care about. That one thing cannot be rationalized, it cannot be a price discount, nor can it be “something more for free.” Those transactional offers can buy business short term but do not touch customers hearts.

It has to be simple and unexpected, something that helps the customers get to a feeling about who you are. That will create the emotional connection of a lifetime.

3 Steps To Get To That One Thing:

  1. Really get to know the customers
  2. Find out what already connects to their heart
  3. Develop a simple yet authentic way to do that one thing