I was back at Floyd’s for a haircut with my favorite stylist Dawn. (Click here to read how she became my favorite stylist). This was my first return visit and I was a little apprehensive if it will be as magical as the first visit.  Dawn greeted me the moment I enter the shop. As we walked to her “hair-cut station” she asked me about my life and the moment the I sat on the chair, she was in business mode.

“The last time we did a number 2 on the sides and finger length on top, all blended in. How did your family like your haircut?”

I was amazed that she remembered the exact cut I had and that my haircut was dinner table discussion for my family.  I asked her how she remembered all those details. She told me she makes it a point to remember every detail about every client as she is in a “Hairship” with them.

“Hairship?” I was amused. I wanted to know more.

“Yes, Hairship. It is a Hair Relationship!” She continued to explain “When a client shares with what style they like or about their life, it is sacred and I cannot forget that information, ever.”

Wow. She has given a special name the client relationship. This name allowed her to remember every detail and start every haircut where she left off the last time.

Customer relationships with brands must be continuous and ongoing and the thread must go on from one visit to the next. Dawn at Floyd’s showed me a simple way brands can take responsibility to own and maintain that continuity in customer relationships from visit to visit. Just give the relationship a special name.

The Secret To Connecting To Guests Visit To Visit

Customers start their experience with some brands from square one on every visit. They answer the same questions; their name and other personal information, what they like and do not like. This reminds them that the brand does not remember the interactions from past visits. How can they be expected to feel that they are in a relationship, when they see the brand making zero effort to remember them?

Customers want anything they share to be remembered, especially their names, their stories, their likes and dislikes. Just like in the television series Cheers, a long-term customer relationship starts with “Where everyone knows your name”. When customers have to repeat information, it does not make them feel special.

Brands need a process to listen and remember. Dawn at Floyd’s Hairship has a unique way of reminding herself that every customer interaction is special and needs to be continued to the next visit.


Remembering The Following Information Shared By Customers Are A MUST To Build A Relationship:

  1. Every personal information detail, especially name
  2. Details of their choices and preferences
  3. Beyond what they like, what do they not like and would like to avoid