Once you align your brand in the feeling business, it is important to quantify the value of positive feelings you are generating in your customers. Your customers always walk in with an anticipation and if you surprise them with something nice, it will start the experience on a positive note. Then you can build on it by adding more experience elements that make them feel joy and once the joy overflows, they get elated.

The continuing overflow of joy takes them to a “MUST SHARE” state; where they must share with either a small group of friends or on social media. This sharing is Word of Mouth (WOM), the most credible brand endorsement you can ever get. Identifying the one thing that you can do to surprise your guests immediately after they walk in and then adding more, are sure ways to generate Word of Mouth every time.

Value of WOM:

  • Priceless as you cannot buy it.
  • From the beginning of time, it is the most credible and effective marketing ever. Social media has magnified its reach and value.
  • Some brands leave it to chance and do not have a process to connect generating customer feelings to Assured WOM.

A Story: Yes, I Fell In Love With My Dental Office

I was in Plano, Texas. It was the night before a big presentation and my crown on my front tooth broke. I looked at myself in the mirror, saw the big hole and felt that my professional world was coming to an end. Next morning, I called a local dentist’s office and Andy answered the phone. He was calm as he listened to me. When I was done explaining, he said “Arjun, yes we can take care of you in our office today. Come over by 9:30 am and the Dr. will work on you, in between patients. We will get you back to normal by 2 PM.” Yes, that is what I wanted to hear. I loved the confidence, I also felt assured as he and his team seemed to have done this before.

When I got there, Andy greeted me with “It is you Arjuuun!”. I felt really good continuing the phone connection. Then Dr. Nguyen and his team took over and it was like magic. And at exactly 12:30 I was done, sending pictures of my new tooth to my coworkers and family.

But then something happened. I was at the counter ready to check-out, and there was no Andy. I waited for a few minutes and was getting into “This is not right” mode; when Andy came running into the office. He was thoroughly apologetic. “Sorry, the line was a little too long at Starbucks. As you are far away from home during the holidays, here is a gift card from us to say Happy Holidays to you”.

Oh My Goodness! Wow!

This happened at Plano Modern Dentistry, in Plano, Texas on Dec 19, 2018. From the moment I called, they surprised me and continued it all through the experience. And finally running in with the gift card, was the final piece, that put me in a “must share” moment. Thank you, Plano Modern Dentistry Team; you are the best.

Questions For You To Get To Assured WOM

  1. How do you make your customers feel…
    • Surprised soon after walking in
    • More joy as they continue
    • Specific feelings that trigger WOM
  2. How do you react to WOM from your customers?
  3. What are you plans and measures for the above?