After I boarded the flight and sat down in my seat, the flight attendant brought me a glass of cold water.  The water hit the spot.  She saw me with my Taco Bell bag and came to me and asked, “Can I have it?”

My immediate reaction was, “No it is mine.” 
She smiled at me and said that since I was in the first row I could not have stuff on my lap or in front of me.  She then took my salad and very carefully placed it in one of the stainless steel bins for takeoff.  I watched her closely and was not sure if I should approve of her actions.
As the flight reached cruising altitude and the seat belt lights turned off, she came over and opened my table for me and put a linen table cloth on it. Then she very carefully brought my Taco Bell salad to me with another glass of water. The white linen, the silverware, and the fact that I was the only person enjoying this salad made this a memorable dinner. Thank you, Taco Bell, for making it happen.
But the magic in the air was just beginning.  Mrs. Adams, the flight attendant, tied her apron tightly around her.  She took out a wicker basket and started arranging chips, nuts, and Biscoff cookies.  She arranged them in the basket with ultimate care then with a white cloth over one arm, she came to serve us snacks. I would have never looked twice at pre-packaged snacks on a flight, but her care and pride in the way she served them made me sample some nuts.  After she was finished with the basket of snacks she walked up and down the aisle making sure no glass of water, wine, or soda was empty. Her level of service and desire to make our flight a wow experience was no less than that of a renowned Nordstorm employee or a waiter in a high end restaurant.
I kept thinking about what the airlines provided for her to provide wow service.  Some chips, some nuts, some cookies, a basket, some linens, and a limited beverage selection that includes coffee, tea, water, soda and two kinds of wine. Instead of complaining about the airline not giving her the opportunity to provide wow guest service, she took it upon herself to make the best out of the situation and put customers first.
Wow Mrs. Adams. You were a simply amazing flight attendant. United Airlines should be proud of you and I am so glad that I got to experience your wow service.