ZenMango uses the following three rules develop a unified measure of Marperations™:

  1. The measure must be a leading indicator and not a trailing indicator. A leading indicator allows a brand to tweak its marketing and operations strategies to influence that same leading indicator.
  2. The measure should be simple and communicated all through the organization. It needs a life outside the company’s boardroom.
  3. Both Marketing and Operations departments should be encouraged to have their own functional report cards. However, they must clearly understand how their report cards connect to a brand’s overall success. The three Marperations™ measures for a pizza brand could be:
  • number of customers
  • number of dough balls
  • revenue per dough ball

The pizza brand orders dough balls a week in advance. Marketing can make efforts increase demand for the coming week. This will necessitate sending more dough balls to a store, and also necessitate Operations to adjust its service standards in order to better serve the increased number of guests in the coming week.

Marketing and Operations evaluating the performance of a pizza delivery driver:

How Marketing evaluates the pizza driver
Marketing is measured on effectiveness. Marketing wants to measure every experience, one at a time, to make sure that customer’s expectations were made every time.

Effectiveness in pizza delivery is measured by the driver delivering only the pizza ordered by the customer, and then the driver pausing to make sure that all of customer’s needs are met. The driver is a messenger for the brand.

In this case, the driver will be reprimanded for trying to complete seven orders at a time, instead of just focusing on the one order in front of him.

How Operations evaluates the pizza driver
Operations is measured on efficiency. Operations also measures success by rewarding consistency and how well they can conform. Operations is a production mind-set where every occasion has to be the same, every time.

Efficiency in pizza delivery is measured by number of pizzas delivered per trip and number of deliveries per shift. Consistency in pizza delivery is measured by ensuring the driver’s uniform, greeting, and smile are exactly the same as the training manual.

In this case, driver is considered as efficient since he is delivering seven pizzas at a time, but he will be reprimanded for wearing his cap backwards.