Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Nation’s Restaurant News recently reported on a study done by Restaurant Marketing Group (a division of ZenMango). The study reveals three consumer trends that are coming out of the recent “down economy.”

Can I get what I buy cheaper?

I used to spend $8 for a sandwich at your restaurant, but now I realize that with the economy being down, I have the power. So can I get the same sandwich for $7?  How about $6.50?

Can I get more for what I spend?

Fine, you do not want to sell me the sandwich at a lower price. How about giving me something more?  Maybe a free drink and a cookie if I paid you $8? I think that is fair.

Do I have a better option?

Wait a minute. As I was negotiating to get a better deal from you, I realized I may not want a sandwich after all today.  Maybe I should call the pizza guy and see if he can offer something better. Why not call the burrito place and see. Or maybe I should call my husband and see if he can pick up a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, then I’ll just fix up some vegetables.    

This openness in the consumer’s mind has given all restaurants, big or small, the chance of a lifetime. Now your brand is being considered for occasions that were “closed” to you before.  The window of opportunity is open to your brand as the consumer is willing to give you a try.

Now is your time to seize the opportunity and “wow” the consumer. Give the consumer a reason to come back over and over.  The opportunity to increase your transactions and increase your market share is right in front of you. Seize it with the mindset as described by Vivian (played by Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman), “Baby, I am gonna treat you so nice, you’re never gonna wanna let me go.”  For you it translates to, “Oh valuable guest, I am gonna treat you so nice, that at the end of this experience, you will never let me go.”

Live the mantra and seize the opportunity of a lifetime. Now is the time for you to kick some competitive “butt” and steal some market share.

Guest Experience Enhancement
Five Step Approach, the Restaurant Marketing Group Way

Step 1: Define Your Guest Experience Vision
RMG leads your leadership through a brain storming session in which your current guest experience vision is analyzed. The outcome of this step will be used as the benchmark for the steps that follow.

Step 2: Observe Your Guests
RMG spends time in two to three store locations to observe the guest experience from a customer’s perspective. Your brand’s guest experience vision will be examined to see where the brand stands on each element.

Step 3: Guest Feedback
RMG will interview customers just after they finish their meal for one-on-one interviews to understand the guest experience from the customer’s perspective. The interviews will go through the following discussion areas:

  • What are the experience elements
  • What are the decision points
  • Revisit decision (what were the main drivers of the revisit decision)
  • What are the break points – where are they most vulnerable.

The one-on-one interviews will identify whether your brand is below, above, or at-par with each element compared to guest expectations.

Step 4: Competitive Observation
Three competitive brands (that consumers consider as sources of business for your brand) will go through the same observation as in step 2.  For each competitive brand, RMG will spend time in each store to understand the guest experience from a customer’s perspective. RMG will identify each guest experience element and see where the brand stands on each one.

Step 5: Guest Experience Enhancement
RMG will present the findings of the guest experience enhancement vision to your leadership team. This brain storming session will develop your brand’s strategy to measure and manage each of the guest experience elements. The guest experience enhancement will connect you with your customers and help you be the best-in class for guest experience in your category.