The present state of the economy has created an environment in which business strategies will either sink or swim, depending on ability to adapt. As I consult with a variety of companies during these down times, attention is being called back to the core structure of these brands. Marperations is a key piece to this evolving puzzle.

In my corporate days, I held the unique position of VP of Marketing and Operations Services for Papa John’s International. While there, I tested the science of Marperations in this highly competitive environment and proved it robust. It is based on sound principles and has produced great, long-term value for the company. I have to admit that it took years of practice before I even realized the need for a name that connects both.

Marperations is built on five universal truths:

  1. Every customer interaction – which is usually in the exclusive domain of operations – is actually marketing to a significant extent.
  2. Every advertising campaign – which is usually in the exclusive domain of marketing – sets the expectation that governs every sale and is therefore in the operations realm.
  3. Linking marketing and operations is critical to presenting one unified message to the customer. This occurs from the start of the marketing communication to the actual sale of the product or service.
  4. The better a company’s operations run, the easier it is to market its product or service.
  5. The better a company’s marketing runs, the easier it is to perform the business of operations.