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Raising a Father®

Raising a Father is a father’s memoir which takes the audience through an enchanting journey of wildly entertaining and heart-touching stories. Each story marks a professional dad’s journey to leave the corporate world to become a dad first. Arjun started by naming the book Raising a Daughter but soon reality set in on who raises who.

Raising a Father emphasizes the importance of being present and taking responsibility in relationships and introduces the break-through concept of taking measure of your relationships.

During Arjun Sen’s days in the corporate world, a wise, rapid corporate stair-climbing friend told him, “Arjun, in order to achieve bigger glories, one must make smaller sacrifices in life.” It was clear he was referring to spending less time with family, not being there for children’s special moments, and similar “small” sacrifices in personal life. Now that Sen has learned the hard way, he is reaching out to tell him that you can have both.

Seeing his father-daughter future reduced to obligatory phone calls on birthdays and Father’s Day, Sen left corporate America. He started a home-based marketing consulting company in Denver, his 10-year-old daughter’s favorite city, named his daughter as manager, and began the journey of becoming a father first.

Arjun measures success differently today as believes his success is determined by the time he spends with Raka. This is a story of Raka using all her charm, patience, love, and caring nature to teach her father how to be a better dad and person.

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Customer Karma®

Customer Karma, is a must-read for any business that wants to attract, effectively serve and retain life-long customers. Good karma is cultivated by heart-felt good action. When companies genuinely invest in their customers, they are rewarded with good karma of customer loyalty with abundant returns. This formula works with every relationship and in every area of your life. But knowing the formula is not good enough as Arjun emphasizes that Customer Karma is about action, not words. Businesses build good “Customer Karma” only when they put their customers first in all their actions.

Arjun successfully fulfills his vision of a poignant, fun first-hand perspective of what businesses are doing, and triggering thoughts on what they can do differently in Customer Karma. Arjun playfully crosses the boundary of polite business correctness to reveal the biggest vulnerability of businesses; not knowing on a personal level anything about customers they are pursuing or specifically what makes them tick. He connects businesses to dating and parallels the process of courting a date and should be a similar process to courting a customer. He brings tremendous value in his explanations of how to connect with customers in a way that requires awareness and authenticity.

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Wow One More®

Wow One More®: Secrets to Win Big® from 13 Restaurant Leaders is a powerful tool for anyone looking to jump-start a restaurant business. Arjun Sen leads a “Who’s Who” in the restaurant industry, who share insights and inside stories based on their own incredible successes. Whether it’s building your culture, your brand, your customer experience or your team this book is the how-to guide you need to grow your business and become the leader you always imagined.

The book features these restaurant thought leaders: Blaine Hurst, Tom Ryan, Lane Cardwell, Steve Provost, Bob Bafundo, Tom Cole, William Espey, David Flanery, Michael Haith, Randy Miller, Mike Speck, and Larry Zwain.

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